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Hello, I’m Thaha KC, a passionate motivational speaker and digital marketing strategist in Kannur. I have completed digital marketing course from CDA Calicut. My mission is twoways i have to inspire individuals to embrace positivity, overcome block, and unlock their inner part, and to empower businesses to thrive through the clever their mainset digital marketing is solutions.

As a Kannur digital marketing strategist and motivational speaker, I have a strong dedication to providing my audiences a sense of strength and promise. Really believe positivity has the capacity to change people, leading them to overcome challenges and achieve success. Making an impression that lasts is my aim, whether I am speaking at corporate functions or summit workshops as a motivational speaker.

In addition to my work as a motivational speaker , I bring a wealth of experitise in digital marketing strategist in Kannur.My areas of expertise SEO,SMM,Web development,and content marketing.help to business.

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My Resume

ūüďÖ March -2013 Past

Study About Arabic

I studied Arabic for eight years at Kuttiyadi Sirajul Huda, where I became a passionate learner and skilled speaker of both Nahav Sarf and Fathul Muheen.

With my thorough understanding of Arabic language and literature, I am prepared to take on challenging jobs that make use of my experience in this field.

 I am a marketing strategist in Kannur, and I offer to the field a unique perspective in addition to my love of Arabic.

 My objective is to provide something of value to projects that need a thorough understanding of language and market dynamics by mixing my linguistic expertise with strategic marketing insighs.

Jamiathul Hind Al Islamic University New Delhi

ūüďÖJune - 2020 present

CBCS Program


I am excited about adding to important initiatives, whether including performing research, helping in therapy sessions, or studying human behavior.

In addition, I am interested to learn how psychological insights might be included in marketing plans to improve engagement and gain more knowledge of consumer behavior as the top digital marketing strategist in Kannur.

Indira GandhiNational Open University New Deihi

ūüďÖ November -2023 Present

Graphic Designing

I bring a broad range of design skills to my role, having mastered in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for vector graphic design and animation.

I also know how to use Adobe Premiere for video editing and I can make visual content look amazing on every kind of electronics.

Also, I am skilled in 3D modeling, animation, and rendering with Microsoft Maya, helping me to produce highly engaging material. Also, I am skilled in Nuke visual effects and compositing. In my role as a digital marketing strategist in kannur, I use these creative talents to create visually stunning content that effectively engages viewers and builds awareness of the brand.

Diginet Online School

ūüďÖFebruary - 2024 present

Digital Marketing


Through the promotion of a culture of collaboration, we may work together to increase the limits of what is practical in the field of digital marketing.

By teaming up, we can successfully explore fresh territories in the field of digital marketing. As a Kannur- marketing strategist based, I am also excited to work with experts at CDA Academy and share my knowledge and experience, developing our joint skill in the marketing field.

CDA Digital Marketing Agency Calicut




As a well-known SEO expert, I have helped a lot of websites, increasing their search engine rankings and visibility.

My field of expertise involve content strategy, link building, on-page SEO, and keyword research, all of which have the goal to increase organic traffic and promote conversions.

I use the skills I have as a  marketing strategist kannur to improve the impact and success of digital campaigns.


Working deeply in the area of social media marketing, I am great at creating and putting into practice strategies that improve visibility, consumer connection, and conversion across a range of media.

I use my knowledge to help businesses achieve major goals as a digital marketing strategist in kannur.

I promise a strategic strategy that effectively solves corporate goals and connects with audiences, from creating materials to campaign optimization.


The most vital aspect in every digital marketing plan is search engine marketing, or SEM. It includes using paid advertising to improve a website’s ranking on SERPs.

I am a digital marketing strategist in Kannur with a focus on SEM. I use supported channels to improve ROI and create focused customers.

Through the use of smart bidding, keyword selection, and ad content optimization, I insure that businesses reach maximum visibility in order to draw in fresh clients.


My deep knowledge in Google Ads involves strategic campaign planning, keyword research, ad growth, A/B testing, performance optimization, and ROI analysis. I work as a digital marketing strategist in Kannur.

By using this knowledge, I help businesses improve conversions and create focused visitors.

I make sure Google Ads campaigns produce the best results possible by carefully analyzing constantly improving them to make sure they successfully translate with company goals and objectives.


Businesses may achieve marketing goals like increased sales, lead generation, and brand loyalty by using email marketing, which is a powerful tool for audience engagement and interaction.


By applying performance analysis, specific material, and smart classification, I make sure businesses connect with their audience in a way that drives results and builds lasting connections.


If you want to create websites and web applications that are both functional and user-friendly, web development is a dynamic process which calls for collaboration between designers, developers, and partners. As a
-established in as a digital marketing strategist in Kannur educated,

I understand the importance of maintaining a constant internet presence.
I make sure websites satisfy their business objectives, successfully engage users, and optimize for search engine the contact, all of which help to total digital success, by including marketing methods into web development.

What People Talk

It has been great working with Thaha KC. His experience as a top digital marketing strategist in kannur is exclusive.
Anha nazz
Web Developer
One of the greatest digital marketing strategists in kannur is Thaha KC. Based in the Kannur district, he performed some outstanding work.
Seo Specialist
In my opinion, Thaha K.C. successfully finished more than 100 projects as a digital marketing strategist in Kannur.
Content Creater

Frequently Asked Questions.

what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing provides businesses with unprecedented opportunities to connect, engage, and convert customers in today's digital age, driving growth, and success in the competitive marketplace.for example channels,social media platforms,search engines,emails,websites,mobile app .

               Thaha kc - [Digital Marketing Strategist In Kannur]

Why digital marketing nowadays popular?

The digital marketing can be attributed to its success, measurability, cost-power, and capacity to reach a wide audience in today's digital-basic world. As technology continues to grow, digital marketing is likely to remain a important part of businesses' overall marketing strategies

               Thaha kc - [Digital Marketing Strategist In Kannur]

what deos digital marketing strategist can do?

Digital marketing strategists play a essential role in driving the success of digital marketing originality by developing data-driven strategies, achieve campaigns effectively, and forever optimizing performance to achieve business objectives.

               Thaha Kc - [Digital Marketing Strategist In Kannur]

In Kannur, Kerala, how important is a digital marketing strategist?

Hiring a certified freelance digital marketing strategist in Kannur can be a strategic investment for businesses looking to capitalize on the city's flying growth and boost their online attendance for increased sales and customer purchase

               Thaha Kc - [Digital Marketing Strategist In Kannur]

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